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In-Between Moments is a guaranteed way to bring a positive atmosphere to any work affiliated functions such as Health Fairs, Marketing Shows, Conventions, Corporate Wellness Gatherings, Staff Appreciation Day, Holiday and Seasonal happenings and more. It's a hands-on approach to lifting morale and building good will for employees and patrons as well as relieving occupational stress, pain, and discomfort from such things as Poor Posture, Carpal Tunnel symptoms and additional action repetitive issues. Short sessions allow for convenient scheduling between breaks, meetings, team building activities, daily commitments, business festivities and numerous job-related scenarios that may be taking place. A specially designed Massage Chair is used that is comfortable and accessible for all ages and mobility levels. Participants keep their clothes on which increases their comfort, and no oils or scented lotions are ever used without prior consent. After briefly assessing the clients wellness requirements, I will design the sitting that typically last 15-30 minutes per person, depending on your (the employers/host) preferences, to suit their needs through a range of targeted Massage Techniques created for the lower and upper back, shoulders, hands, arms and head. Many companies encounter problems with finding economical ways to show their staff members, present and potential consumers how much they value their relationship. Why not let me do the hard work for you? Whether your goal is to attract crowds, reward workers/prospects or pamper your guests, In-Between Moments will leave a lasting impression at your event. Contact your Professional Massage Therapist today, to find out how you can incorporate Therapy Aspects Signature Program. Services will conveniently take place in a designated area and location of your choosing for only $0.75 cents per mile (which will be charged for traveling to the facility) and the associated fee in accordance to size. Massage Therapy has been shown to help with the manifestations of many ailments and in this case, I have discussed the employment aspects of its benefit, but it doesn't have to be considered "just a career," connected health response. This modality is flexible and could be integrated for various purposes, including but not limited to Baby and Bridal Showers, Open Mic Nights, Sip & Stroke (which is a paint your own pottery or canvas social) In-Between nail, hair and facial appointments, as well as before and after gift exchanges to name only a few. Please inquire within to learn how I may be of service to you.






Emergency Pass is a discounted program created specifically for all Disaster Relief, Crisis Intervention, Active Military, Business/Home Monitoring Service, Fire and Law Enforcement Personnel, Security Associates, EMT's, Emergency and Operating Room Staff, 911 Dispatchers, Private Bodyguards, Animal Rescue and more. Therapy Aspects applauds you. We understand and appreciate your bravery during adversity and refuse to allow your dedication and hard work to go unnoticed and/or without reward. You will receive a weekly 60-minute, Full-Body Therapeutic (medically related) or Swedish (relaxation) Massage at client's choice for only $60.00 per month. With today's industry pricing, Emergency Pass offers you an exceptional savings rate. With your proof of occupation and your one-time payment each month, you will receive four sessions at the low breakdown price of $15.00 a week. Just ask your Professional Massage Therapist for further details and benefit sign-up.







Compassionate Care is a specialized program designed for three very relative reasons. Instituted to assist palliative to those suffering from terminal illness, for example, AIDS, Cancer that has metastasized (spread into other parts of the body), Respiratory Conditions, Cardiac Disease, Neuromuscular Issues (such as Parkinson's or Lou Gehrig's disease) and Alzheimer's, dying persons that have refused Life-Sustaining Procedures and as a Supportive Treatment for surviving family and friends in mourning. It's aimed at relieving symptoms, combines one-on-one focused attention, intentional touch and sensitive Massage with communication to enhance the quality of remaining life for the elderly, ill or dying patient as well as helping those struggling to overcome this difficult period. The session will involve a head to toe sequence of compression based strokes designed to be adaptable to varied locations and areas of application. This technique does not require disrobing or the use of creams or oils it can be performed through clothing, sheets, blankets or on uncovered parts of the body if circumstances require. Whether being recently faced with sickness, a sudden death or presently watching a loved one who’s in the process of dying, while there is no one perfect way to respond or to support someone, you care about, Therapy Aspects would like to help ease the severity of this occurrence. Though this stage in life doesn't look the same for everyone, and manifestations are individualized, at one point in time, we will each experience the devastation that can be caused by the affliction(s) of someone we held in high regard. Words can sometimes fail us in moments like these, leaving us stumbling for the right thing(s) to say. Some people are fearful of speaking or doing the wrong thing, that they hesitate and may choose to do nothing at all, yes this certainly is an option, but why not give the gift of a tender hand? Please see current pricing stated below.







After School Special is a price reduced program intended for the vast world of Educators who in the past, present and future have played a very important academic part, in the lives of many. Professors, Lecturers and Tutors to name a few, undertake this diverse responsibility with an undeniable passion to improve society through education in a group setting or by helping one person at a time. Teachers have essential roles to fill, which can encompass the duties of a resource specialist, support system, mentor, advocate and so much more. Previous employment granted me the opportunity to work within the authority of a Youth Program Specialist for the Community Action Commission of Harrisburg, Pa, Teachers Assistant at Wordsworth Academy, Para Educator for Steelton-Highspire High School, Assistant Group Supervisor for KinderCare and an After-School Program Coordinator for Premier Learning Center. Because of this, I can identify, and I sincerely respect the varied abilities Instructors must possess. The dynamics in student character such as behaviors, level of intellectual understanding and other intricate details can trigger unforeseen changes during interactions, whether it be good, bad or indifferent. In spite of this fact, their drive to create an atmosphere conducive to growth and their unwavering patience when encountering hardships during day-to-day activity is an outstanding accomplishment. Though in truth, imparting wisdom in others is its own reward, Therapy Aspects still wishes to show gratitude for all that you currently do and have done. With the After School Special you’ll receive a 60-Minute, Full-Body Swedish (relaxation) Massage on a bi-weekly basis for the mere price of $40.00 per session that’s only $80.00 a month. Contact your Professional Massage Therapist to take advantage of this unique offer. Please note that proper occupational identification will be required as proof when scheduling your services.